Creative Project Samples

Print Publication: The Community Edition: “A Community that Cares is Aware of Abuse”


Print Publication: The Community Edition: “It Takes a City”


Print Publication: The Community Edition: “We All Come From Somewhere”


Photography Exhibit at The MUSEUM in Kitchener as a part of World Refugee Month 

PhotoVoice Workshop with Refugee Youth from Reception House, Kitchener

IN.K: A Paper’n’Ink Community Potluck Project where anyone submits anything about anything, and that encourages artistic expression in folks from all corners of society. I worked with a team of three other people to put on this project, and I collaborated with the writers to find out how they wanted their piece illustrated, and then I produced images around their words with the look and feel that they desired and felt complimented what they were trying to evoke in the reader. We received funding from KW Awesome to print and distribute this publication:

Poetry Publications:

People of Peace: Poetry and Photography collection from Palestine and Israel that connects international conflict with personal human experience. Book published Spring 2012. Received the 2012 Adele Slater Award for Writing on Peace from Wilfrid Laurier University

Gray Not Dull: Ongoing poetry and photography blog:

Weeds: Poetry Collection produced Summer 2014

Reasons of the Birds: Poetry Collection produced Spring 2013. Writing and drawings were created by me. Received the 2013 Adele Slater Award for Writing on Peace for “Freely Bound” from Wilfrid Laurier University,  for the second year in a row [“Freely Bound” photographed below]:

Two Peas in a Pod: Story of two individuals that Christian Horizons has supported since 2007, and I was asked to write about the connection between the organization and individuals for CH’s 50th Anniversary:

Doctor’s Orders: Jeremy Horne, founder of local organization “Life Change Adventures,” commissioned me to write and photograph a piece with a Sudanese refugee Nyater, living in one of the government complexes in Waterloo:


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