Local Life

Welcome to the Gray life Perspectives!

My name is Carolyn Alecia, and I am a writer and photographer based out of Kitchener, ON.

The world around us is full of beauty and depth of meaning, and my aim as an artist and communicator is to draw us into acknowledging the wonder of the present, and the importance of the here and now. Whether capturing a protest against illegal fracking practices on the eastern coast of Canada, reflecting on community through the written word, or sharing memories of children playing as we celebrate World Refugee Day at a local Reception House – I hope to connect viewer, reader, and participant to one another through a variety of mediums, as we share stories, memories, work, and life on this incredible planet.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to connect with me about any of my past work, or possibilities of future collaborations with you!

Carolyn Gray


226 808 3542